Sprucing up while I work!

Work continues and Naptime Design is so blessed to be busier than ever. I may be in the market shortly to add on to my staff of one. If you know anyone with graphic design, web design and social media experience looking for something very part time, send them my way. In the meantime, I felt my nest (my home office) needed more sprucing up. I love my office – it has become one of my favorite rooms in my home (and most frequented), but I figured that it needed some more unique touches. I just bought this lamp from my friend Whitney at W.E. Giggle – she and her adorable mother are the quite possibly the sweetest and most creative ladies I know. Crafty, crazy about the Lord and their families and have a wonderful eye for design. Be sure to check our their amazing home decor and printed cards and stationary. I love all of her things and could honestly buy it all – if my darling hubby wouldn’t make me take it all back. More updates to come – lots of work happening and I will work on being a better blogger. I promise. :)


10 Things I’ve Learned…

The past couple weeks have been a lot about learning…

Let’s just say I learned more than ten things, but I have to start somewhere, right?
1.  Networking is always key – grow, socialize, learn – make friends, be a good friend, work together…
2.  Blogging can change your life – think it, blog it, share it.  I feel, I now think in terms of blog posts, Facebook status updates and tweets – do they always get written, not exactly, but I am certainly growing toward that. I think all my thoughts recently consisted of less than 160 characters. LOL
3.  Just like INXS said there is “Not Enough Time” – The days are never long enough, but sometimes we should just accept that what we don’t finish today will still be there tomorrow and if it’s not, then it wasn’t meant to be. 
4.  SEO and Klout scores mean everything – not sure what these items are – well, if you work in or near social media and online marketing, you absolutely should and then you should read everything about how to make improvements. 
5.  Working from home (with kids present) isn’t for the faint of heart – I love my work flexibility, love my clients, and love being able to work with my kids playing alongside of me – but let’s just say it isn’t for everyone and some days I ponder renting my own office space away from my house. :)
6.  Take care of #1 – so cliche, but so true. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you run a business or better yet someone else’s business.
7. Organization will help your productivity levels soar. I know sometimes this is a tough one, the papers pile up, the work piles up, you can no longer see your desk and then simple tasks become difficult. Staying on top of the organization process definitely minimizes stress in the long run.
8. I’ve never been diagnosed ADD, but sometimes I don’t think I could do what I do, without having it. The biggest question clients always ask is how many hours did you work on this or that – honestly, I usually cannot give an exact number. I dabble here, I dabble there – I dabble a little everywhere (Dr. Seuss-ish right?) – so clocking in specific hours per project is tough for me, but the truth is I spend a lot of time doing what I do and love each and every minute.
9. Education/Learning never ends – Graduate from college and you know everything and then you enter reality, where in reality, you know nothing. I am still learning each day – constantly, making sure I keep up with the latest news in design and social media – ensuring that I don’t lose touch with the reality that is social media and it’s ever-changing platforms.
10. There is a word called “No”. I know, big shocker here – I learned new words this week, “No” and “I’m sorry”. I would love to be able to help everyone, I love helping everyone, but there is only so much time I have available in days and weeks. 
Hope this brought you some insight – I know I could keep going, but my pillow is screaming my name. 

Social Media – Perfect and Flawed – It’s Own Contradiction

If you didn’t already read the article posted out there by the national Social Media Club. Neilsen’s Q3 Reports on Social Media via Social Media Club, I highly recommend it.
Social media is one of the greatest inventions, as far I am concerned. That being said, with all things there are blessings and curses. When is it too much of a good thing?
In my most recent business endeavor, I have learned that even though social media is such an amazing way to spread the word, spread the cheer and raise awareness for a wonderful cause – it does also leave windows open for people to attack someone for any little thing that they so choose.
Although, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all other social media venues present opportunities for many to promote their businesses, they also do make room for others to stir up unnecessary trouble.
I also read a post from another co-hort who works in the same industry, who claims that you should not use your personal accounts to promote your business accounts. While I do agree with some of their content, I do feel that in some cases, cross marketing and marketing to your friends is the best way to get word of mouth out there. I have been blessed to be able to gain clients and work based solely on personal references from friends or others who have seen my business page posts on my personal account. In the same breath, I can say that there can sometimes be too much of good thing – when people begin to comment on how they are contemplating “hiding” your posts, then you should most likely hit the brakes and give your self-promotions a rest.
The funniest thing in all of this – people get offended, people try to make you mad, people try to get a reaction out of you. The person stirring up trouble, well, was just being the as I always call them “the stick in the ant pile” and my co-hort, well I am certain the blog post was aimed slightly below the belt. All in all – every day is a learning experience, every day I learn more about the social media world, about myself and about how blessed we all really are to live in a great country with such amazing freedoms to be and say whatever we want.

Meet my newest client, Stephen Volcik of Fit Now For All!

I call him my client, but I am his as well. Stephen Volcik, with Fit Now For All personal training is not only my client, but also my new personal trainer. He came to me by the referral of one of my best friends, who is also trained by him. I have been diligently working on and re-working logos, setting up his Facebook accounts, both personal and business page. I am so excited to see how quickly his business is going to grow. I am still debating if I add a Twitter account and blog to his package, but I think FB is going to be a quick first wave of marketing. I hope he can keep up with all the new clients and PR in addition to not kicking out current clients. :)

Here is a sample of the many logos I have played with over the past week or two and to be honest I may scrap them all and start a new one completely. Let me know what you think.


Busy as a bee! Just how I like it.

Of course I couldn’t be happier about all my new clients and I am hoping to take on a few more. Life is good and while I’m busy working on everyone else’s blogs, social media, websites and graphic design mine take a little of a backseat. I hope to get caught up soon on my work blog, but as always my clients come first! Stay tuned for more updates to my blog and website. I have been pretty good about updating my Facebook and twitter. Happy Thursday everyone!

-Naptime Design

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Weather Related Work Delays…

Well of course working on web and graphic design is certainly not directly related to weather, but working from home with children running a muck means very little if anything gets done. I am trying to stay current and get the necessary items taken care of, but I am definitely looking forward to warmer and healthier days.  I have a few projects going at the moment, but of course with technology there are always delays when I have to wait for approvals and other nit picking things to work their selves out. Patience is a virtue, that I have been shown, I do not possess during these bleak winter months – with work yes, with working at home while children fight in the background, nope. Crossing my fingers, hoping and praying for sunny, warmer days ahead and healthy little people.


New Posts Coming Soon

It’s late – I am out of steam and out of vino and desperately need some sleep from the crazy busy day I had – stay tuned for more to come. Thanks for checking in.


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