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Welcome Amazing Lash Studio to Dallas!

Amazing Lash Studio, Dallas, Texas

Amazing Lash Studio, Dallas, Texas


Naptime Design is proud to say that yet another incredible business has made it’s way into Dallas! I am huge fan of beauty products and of course am always looking for the next best thing for keeping a youthful look, of course. Who doesn’t want that? And a new beauty studio opening just in time to get primped for those holiday parties.


I had the privilege to learn about the Amazing Lash Studio (at Old Town in Dallas, Texas) over a year ago and am so excited to finally see the business concept up and running.


We at Naptime Design, LLC  are the most excited about their quietly mentioned tag line (“Big D style”) for their Grand Opening! Who doesn’t want free beauty services, every attendee receives a certificate for a free set of lashes. I know from personal experience, a set of lashes is not an inexpensive gift – new sets of lashes can run in upwards of $300 and that’s a fairly modest price comparison. I personally vouch for the owner of Amazing Lash Studio, as I have known him since 1998, that seems like yesterday, but it was actually quite some time back.


I love everything about the concept, the business model, the location and the very people who you will all interact with at the company itself.


From Amazing Lash Studio:

Would you like to dramatically enhance the appearance of your eyes without a lot of fuss? Can you imagine starting your day looking incredible without spending a minute in front of the mirror? If you live in the Dallas area and want to enjoy the perks of amazing, custom lash applications, you need to pay a visit to Amazing Lash Studio. At our Dallas location, you can have individual, semi-permanent lash extensions applied quickly and for a very reasonable price. When you step back out the door, your eyes will be utterly transformed! – See more at:


One hour is all it takes to instantly transform not only your face, but delicately exaggerate your eyes with a semi-permanent product.


Come to the Grand Opening party, learn more about Amazing Lash Studio, enjoy food, drinks, fellowship and walk away with some great parting gifts.


RSVP via Facebook or Google+.


We hope to see everyone there.

Ever need a break?


Sometimes in life, we all have to take a break. So far, in the last 7 years as a Work at Home mom (WAHM), I haven’t taken many breaks, actually none at all from work. I have learned that when you are too busy to do the things you love and help others, you are just plain too busy. I have always had a hard time saying, “no” which meant I did way more than I ever needed to. This being said life has a way of slowing you down. I have learned to focus on my strengths and work on the things that I love! How is work, work when you LOVE it! I love social media and marketing more than anything – blogging, graphic design, photography and being crafty all come in a very close second! Naptime Design is not going away at all – we took a break, caught our breath and have so much more focus now on what our true vision is. If you want to continue to do what you love, let us worry about your online imagine, blogging or social media. I love keeping in touch with customers and hearing all about their experiences with your business. Do what you love and so will I! Stay tuned many great things are coming your way!

New Year’s Goals – Leave 10 Bad Habits in the Dust

New Year’s is upon us and we all hope to make each year better than the last. I was perusing my Facebook account and happened upon Craig Darling’s inspirational idea that New Year’s Resolutions should be goals rather than hokey resolutions. He said, “I know it is hip to set a few resolutions. How many do we actually keep? It is a pretty poor success record over all… Try to set some goals instead. Goals drive you in ways a resolution can not. Set a detailed goal.. and every time you ponder your goal… picture the success in your mind.. Did you know that many years before Jim Carey made it big… he wrote himself a check for 10 Million to make a movie… kept it in his wallet. Hey, that goal worked out for him… Try it… To your successful New Year then!” I think this is a much better resolution to resolve to set achievable goals that short term plans – remember habits take weeks at a minimum, on average 66 days according to Psych Central (

So in the spirit of the New Year and all things new let’s check out a this article featured today by Laura Frongillo, contributing writer. There are great tips for stepping out of our ruts and getting on with the new. 

Many thanks Laura Frongillo for your encouraging words and ideas. 

1.  Put off procrastination…now

Overwhelmed by the difficulty or size of a pending chore? Make use of calendars and computer alarms to plan out and schedule small pieces of big projects. Doing a little at a time is usually easier than tackling a whole project at once – and always more productive than putting it off ‘til you’re “up to” a big challenge.

2. If your system’s broke, fix it

Do you clean up your act every few months only to find your folders empty and your desk a mess again in no time? If you’re constantly unable to find things, you may be trying to adhere to a filing system that doesn’t work for you. Notice where your various papers naturally end up and base a new categorization scheme on what works for you.

3. Are you too accessible?

Nothing hinders a project’s progress more than incessant interruptions. When you really need to focus, be sure you will not be bothered. Let co-workers know you are busy. If you have a door, shut it and hang a do not disturb sign. Turn off phone ringers if possible, as well as instant message boxes and incoming email announcements.

4. Cool the water cooler gossip

Sometimes it gets a little too easy to join in the office banter, even when it starts heading down the wrong path – like discussing the boss’s bad breath or which sales rep’s going out with which admin assistant. If you need to vent about a co-worker, do it with a trustworthy non-colleague. Limit the work coffee talk to sports and “Idol” chatter.

5. Poor planners don’t get rich

Do you arrive at your office without a plan for the day or run into meetings unprepared?  If so, it’s likely you’re wasting valuable time – and annoying your co-workers. Leave the poor planning in the past. Take a few moments to write a to-do list or an outline for the next day or an upcoming meeting so you can show up ready to go.

6. You won’t get ahead by being behind

If you find you are constantly 10 minutes late for work or appointments, chances are others notice it too. Nip this habit in the bud by setting all your alarms 15 minutes earlier and leaving yourself an extra half hour to get to work. The worst that can happen is you’ll be a little early and find yourself with some valuable free time.

7. Cut out crude cubicle conduct

Remember, your cubicle is not your castle. That’s because in most offices cube walls are not made of stone. Therefore it’s not okay to talk loudly, produce offensive smells, clip fingernails, blast music, belch, or cough incessantly. Be sure you leave the nail clippers, dental floss, strong perfume, and colds and flu at home or behind closed doors.

8. Unchain yourself from your work

It may seem like keeping your nose to the grindstone is the height of efficiency, but studies show that taking regular breaks from your work is a more productive approach. Step away from your work every so often so you can come back with a fresh outlook. Or take a break from one project every so often to work on another.

9. Unhealthy habits can affect your work

It’s easy in an office to get into a sedentary routine. But your physical health has a direct correlation to your mental health, which in turn affects your work success. Bringing healthy snacks to work instead of eating fast food can do wonders for your mood. Likewise, taking a walk after lunch can revitalize both your body and your mind.

People notice smart dressers – even if unconsciously. So, if you’ve gotten a little lazy in the wardrobe department, it’s time to weed out the “comfy” clothes and spruce up a bit. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a GQ model or glamour queen to dress for success. Just tailor your look a little. Here are some helpful hints about clothes that say “pay me more.”

Full speed ahead

Once you’ve divested yourself of behavior that may be holding you back, replacing it with positive work habits should be easy – in fact, it often happens automatically. Congratulations on leaving the past behind and following the road to career success! Now, how about resolving to call your mother more often?

Great article Laura, now what we do with these items are what count. I wish someone had written this when I used to work a full time, in office, job, but of course many of these items still apply to the work at home, self-employed.  

 Let’s start making those goals today and not wait until the New Year to get started. 66 days start now! Happy 2012!


Updates for Fit For All Now

Stephen Volcik, personal trainer and owner of Fit For All Now has become a great friend and my personal trainer. I am pretty bothered by the fact that I haven’t worked out in weeks due to illness, but hope to “hit the ground running” (no pun intended) again starting next week. Fit For All Now’s website is now up and running. His social media, Twitter and Facebook are getting noticed, the blog now has some insightful entries and I finally nailed down a logo that we all agreed on. Stop by check out Steven’s pages and subscribe to his blog. He know his stuff and works hard to make everyone more healthy and fit. 

Sprucing up while I work!

Work continues and Naptime Design is so blessed to be busier than ever. I may be in the market shortly to add on to my staff of one. If you know anyone with graphic design, web design and social media experience looking for something very part time, send them my way. In the meantime, I felt my nest (my home office) needed more sprucing up. I love my office – it has become one of my favorite rooms in my home (and most frequented), but I figured that it needed some more unique touches. I just bought this lamp from my friend Whitney at W.E. Giggle – she and her adorable mother are the quite possibly the sweetest and most creative ladies I know. Crafty, crazy about the Lord and their families and have a wonderful eye for design. Be sure to check our their amazing home decor and printed cards and stationary. I love all of her things and could honestly buy it all – if my darling hubby wouldn’t make me take it all back. More updates to come – lots of work happening and I will work on being a better blogger. I promise. :)


10 Things I’ve Learned…

The past couple weeks have been a lot about learning…

Let’s just say I learned more than ten things, but I have to start somewhere, right?
1.  Networking is always key – grow, socialize, learn – make friends, be a good friend, work together…
2.  Blogging can change your life – think it, blog it, share it.  I feel, I now think in terms of blog posts, Facebook status updates and tweets – do they always get written, not exactly, but I am certainly growing toward that. I think all my thoughts recently consisted of less than 160 characters. LOL
3.  Just like INXS said there is “Not Enough Time” – The days are never long enough, but sometimes we should just accept that what we don’t finish today will still be there tomorrow and if it’s not, then it wasn’t meant to be. 
4.  SEO and Klout scores mean everything – not sure what these items are – well, if you work in or near social media and online marketing, you absolutely should and then you should read everything about how to make improvements. 
5.  Working from home (with kids present) isn’t for the faint of heart – I love my work flexibility, love my clients, and love being able to work with my kids playing alongside of me – but let’s just say it isn’t for everyone and some days I ponder renting my own office space away from my house. :)
6.  Take care of #1 – so cliche, but so true. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you run a business or better yet someone else’s business.
7. Organization will help your productivity levels soar. I know sometimes this is a tough one, the papers pile up, the work piles up, you can no longer see your desk and then simple tasks become difficult. Staying on top of the organization process definitely minimizes stress in the long run.
8. I’ve never been diagnosed ADD, but sometimes I don’t think I could do what I do, without having it. The biggest question clients always ask is how many hours did you work on this or that – honestly, I usually cannot give an exact number. I dabble here, I dabble there – I dabble a little everywhere (Dr. Seuss-ish right?) – so clocking in specific hours per project is tough for me, but the truth is I spend a lot of time doing what I do and love each and every minute.
9. Education/Learning never ends – Graduate from college and you know everything and then you enter reality, where in reality, you know nothing. I am still learning each day – constantly, making sure I keep up with the latest news in design and social media – ensuring that I don’t lose touch with the reality that is social media and it’s ever-changing platforms.
10. There is a word called “No”. I know, big shocker here – I learned new words this week, “No” and “I’m sorry”. I would love to be able to help everyone, I love helping everyone, but there is only so much time I have available in days and weeks. 
Hope this brought you some insight – I know I could keep going, but my pillow is screaming my name. 
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