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A Year In Rewind – 2011 What a time!

2011 has been a wonderful year filled with joy! Naptime Design has taken on numerous new clients and projects. I am so beyond words as to how thankful and blessed I have been. In the past year we have continued to serve a wonderful boutique (as we have since 2008/2009), Get Noticed Boutique, in Richardson, Texas. I maintain their website, social media, email marketing and all their graphic design and photographic needs. Around the same time I began helping Canyon Creek Fitness with their website and social media management and set up Cottonwood Creek Civic Associations websites.

Later in 2011, I began work with Fit For All Now with Stephen Volcik, my wonderful personal trainer and client, who I built a website for and maintain his social media, blog and graphic design. The work for him has been rewarding and fulfilling as I have also been able to create and maintain his YouTube channel as well as his photo galleries.

Another fantastic unique small business who we assist is Southern Vintage Glam in Plano, Texas. This shabby chic boutique and with a hair salon station in the back of the store, on 15th street in Plano, just down the way from Urban Crust. We enjoy photographing their merchandise, updating and maintaining their website, and managing their their social media.

I love that Naptime Design is not limited to any category of business. I love helping my sweet childhood friend with her online handmade craft store, The Sweetest Stitch. It has been so fun seeing all the wonderful crafts that such crafty ladies have made. Although, my friend runs her business from about 250 miles away from me, she has put me in charge of working on some of her blogging and graphic design as well as her managing her social media, Facebook and Twitter.

A new industry that I am knowledgeable about, but certainly not an expert on has become a new client and interest of mine. Jerry Parks, of Traditional Select Homes, has hired me to manage his social media. I love keeping up with home building and remodeling. This is a secret passion of mine – I secretly desire to be home builder/realtor/stager – I love this industry. My knowledge may be not be 40 years like Jerry’s, but my personal experience of buying and remodeling the homes I have owned has been my own inspiration. Jerry has recently published a book on his incredible experiences over the past 40 years to help you build your dream home. The Builder Book is a wonderful book that will help and inspire you. Check out his book, available for Kindle, on

A passion aside from my husband, children and clients is my newly formed, 501(c)3, non-profit organization, called Trooper’s Team. Trooper, a badly burned dog, was found wandering the streets of south Dallas, and his story won the heart of my friend Kim Whiting, as well as mine. She fostered Trooper and has since adopted him. We started this non-profit organization to be able to support animal rescue groups and prevent the unnecessary euthanization of pets. There is much more to come from Trooper’s Team – stay tuned in 2012 for great things.

Over the past year, I have also has some clients which I have done graphic design work for, Ebby Halliday (Lake Highlands Office), Tina Booth (Scentsy distributor), numerious friends and family who have graphic design needs for invitations, etc. I love it all!

There are special things in the works for Naptime Design and myself. I have loved 2011 and am anxiously awaiting all the fantastic projects ahead for 2012. Happy New Year!

10 Things I’ve Learned…

The past couple weeks have been a lot about learning…

Let’s just say I learned more than ten things, but I have to start somewhere, right?
1.  Networking is always key – grow, socialize, learn – make friends, be a good friend, work together…
2.  Blogging can change your life – think it, blog it, share it.  I feel, I now think in terms of blog posts, Facebook status updates and tweets – do they always get written, not exactly, but I am certainly growing toward that. I think all my thoughts recently consisted of less than 160 characters. LOL
3.  Just like INXS said there is “Not Enough Time” – The days are never long enough, but sometimes we should just accept that what we don’t finish today will still be there tomorrow and if it’s not, then it wasn’t meant to be. 
4.  SEO and Klout scores mean everything – not sure what these items are – well, if you work in or near social media and online marketing, you absolutely should and then you should read everything about how to make improvements. 
5.  Working from home (with kids present) isn’t for the faint of heart – I love my work flexibility, love my clients, and love being able to work with my kids playing alongside of me – but let’s just say it isn’t for everyone and some days I ponder renting my own office space away from my house. :)
6.  Take care of #1 – so cliche, but so true. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, how can you run a business or better yet someone else’s business.
7. Organization will help your productivity levels soar. I know sometimes this is a tough one, the papers pile up, the work piles up, you can no longer see your desk and then simple tasks become difficult. Staying on top of the organization process definitely minimizes stress in the long run.
8. I’ve never been diagnosed ADD, but sometimes I don’t think I could do what I do, without having it. The biggest question clients always ask is how many hours did you work on this or that – honestly, I usually cannot give an exact number. I dabble here, I dabble there – I dabble a little everywhere (Dr. Seuss-ish right?) – so clocking in specific hours per project is tough for me, but the truth is I spend a lot of time doing what I do and love each and every minute.
9. Education/Learning never ends – Graduate from college and you know everything and then you enter reality, where in reality, you know nothing. I am still learning each day – constantly, making sure I keep up with the latest news in design and social media – ensuring that I don’t lose touch with the reality that is social media and it’s ever-changing platforms.
10. There is a word called “No”. I know, big shocker here – I learned new words this week, “No” and “I’m sorry”. I would love to be able to help everyone, I love helping everyone, but there is only so much time I have available in days and weeks. 
Hope this brought you some insight – I know I could keep going, but my pillow is screaming my name. 
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