Ever need a break?


Sometimes in life, we all have to take a break. So far, in the last 7 years as a Work at Home mom (WAHM), I haven’t taken many breaks, actually none at all from work. I have learned that when you are too busy to do the things you love and help others, you are just plain too busy. I have always had a hard time saying, “no” which meant I did way more than I ever needed to. This being said life has a way of slowing you down. I have learned to focus on my strengths and work on the things that I love! How is work, work when you LOVE it! I love social media and marketing more than anything – blogging, graphic design, photography and being crafty all come in a very close second! Naptime Design is not going away at all – we took a break, caught our breath and have so much more focus now on what our true vision is. If you want to continue to do what you love, let us worry about your online imagine, blogging or social media. I love keeping in touch with customers and hearing all about their experiences with your business. Do what you love and so will I! Stay tuned many great things are coming your way!

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