SITS Girls Bloggy Bootcamp 2012 Dallas – Top Ten

Way back in September (I wrote this immediately following the conference, but life’s been a little busy since),  I had the great pleasure of attending Bloggy Bootcamp 2012 put on by the SITS girls! What an amazing weekend! Not only did I learn more than I ever anticipated, I met so many familiar faces from my years of blogging, social media and twitter friends! There is nothing better than putting a warm smile to the face you’ve interacted with via twitter, etc for so many years. The familiar faces, sweet friends, great company and food, and the invaluable information shared by fellow bloggers.


Here are the top ten things I learned:

  1. Identify a few critical tasks that contribute most to income, scheduled with short and clear deadlines.
  2. Multiply your strengths – outsource the rest.
  3. Have office hours and strictly abide by them.
  4. Hyperlink, Hyperlink, Hyperlink (Backlink to previous posts.)
  5. Don’t spend time, money or effort on things that don’t give a return (PERIOD).
  6. Tell a story with photos and always, always, always brand those photos.
  7. Don’t fear eBoooks – we all have great information to share.
  8. Solving someone else’s problem will make you successful.
  9. Learn your readers and rely on SEO strategies to improve traffic.
  10. “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of wills.’ Vince Lombardi

And what do I plan to do with all the pages and pages of notes I took and wealth of knowledge I walked away with…

Here are my top five goals (for the next 4-6 months):

  1. Increase my blogging (at least once per week/per blog – that’s a good amount of blogging)
  2. Brand all photos (this is still a work in progress for me)
  3. Hire designers to help give my blogs a fresh look (I can no longer bear what I’ve toiled for months on).
  4. Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the others gold – Network!
  5. Do what I love, love what I do!


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